Anthology Interest Form

Anthology Interest Form

This is a sign up sheet to gauge interest in working on an anthology to be published by Wordsmith Publishing, LLC. The anthology will be based upon a set of mystery/thriller/suspenseful prompts selected by each participating author. There is a base idea of having a total of 13 participating authors (to include myself), but will expand the anthology if there is more interest. The anthology is planned for a October 2020 release.

This anthology will be focused on murder-mystery, thriller/suspense, paranormal, mild horror, etc. type stories. All authors are welcomed to show interest as long as they understand the underlying theme is along those lines. Each short story is expected to be 3,500 to 9,000 words in length.

The initial run will have a free ebook promotion, but the book will be sold both in ebook and paperback form. Participating authors can purchase paperbacks for resale from Wordsmith Publishing at the author cost.

Once I get a solid list of those interested, I will send out follow up information and a selection of prompts. The prompts are typically two sentences long and it is up to the participating author as to the direction the story will go, keeping the overall theme in mind. Prompts will be supplied to all interested authors and will be on a first-come first served basis.

Thank you for your interest and please reach out if you have any questions:

Click here if you’re interested in participating:

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