Wordsmith Publishing, LLC Announcements,Releases Book Launch – The Symbolist

Book Launch – The Symbolist

After all Death is a Symbol that there was Life.  ~ Mario Benedetti

Grief is a powerful force, which left unchecked and ignored, can fester, manifesting into unhealthy outputs.  A once rational mind can bend its perception of the world, therefore allowing for what was once taboo to now become acceptable.  The pursuit of finding peace from unending torment can be all consuming until what was lost can be explained.  The end will always justify the means, right?

When a tragedy sets off a disturbed man’s quest to find the good in the world, Detective Crawford is left trying to piece together the remnants of several murder cases, each tied together with a symbol.  Trying to find the link or pattern to stop the killings proves difficult, since the detective is blissfully unaware, he is chasing down the wrong path.

Available in Paperback and eBook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or via the Author’s Bookstore – www.imkathleenlopez.com

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