Are you fully up and running?
We are adding more and more services day after day. Unfortunately, a lot of the services planned are in the preliminary stages. This is due to first acquiring external services to assist in providing the best products we can to you, and being based out of Florida, we had the unfortunate timing to roll out our service platform during the approach of Hurricane Dorian. We are prepared to at least start accepting some work and discuss timetables for larger projects. We can start offering some services at this time (2 Sept 2019). Contact us and let us know what services you would like for us to help you with and we’ll work out an agreeable timeline.


Do I need to start an order from your Facebook page?
No.  Facebook is to display some of the services available and promotion of work already performed for others.  You may contact us via our Facebook page to begin the process, however.  If you like something that was displayed on our Facebook page and would like something in the same style or tone, please let us know. Once we establish contact, all other work will progress via the email provided in project questionnaire.

How do I make sure I get what I pay for in a project?
You will complete a project questionnaire to help eliminate any potential issues with creation and delivery of the desired service.  All work expectations and progress will be handled via email to provide a paper trail and documented proof of expectations and delivery time frames to avoid any issues.

What is the expected time to complete my selected service?
Rest assured, each project received will be tracked and worked in a ‘first come, first served’ basis, unless there are circumstances associated with the project.  All timelines established will be agreed upon on both sides and progress updates will be provided along the way.  Each project taken on will be assigned a project code and tracked accordingly.  All communications will be via email for ease of traceability.

What is the turnaround time for completion of my project?
The expectation for finalizing projects is approximately 15 business days from the delivery of the first draft.  This is dependent upon the level of detail provided in the project questionnaire as well as the ease of acquiring the agreed upon graphic(s) desired for your cover or other work (if graphics are not provided by you).  If a project needs to be rushed, please let us know ahead of time to ensure if your timeline can be accommodated. Smaller projects may be done earlier, but again, all project timelines are discussed and agreed upon between you and Wordsmith Publishing, LLC.


What if I need to change the delivery date on my project?
Changes to already agreed upon dates will be reviewed on an as needed basis.  Given there may be other projects booked, a change in timelines will have to be discussed if a project has already started.  If any changes that will impact the current or other projects may incur a change fee ($15).

What if I have a very specific idea for my project?
The customer is always right.  We understand that you have an image in your head and we will do our best to get that done for you.  We will certainly discuss via email the particulars of your project and the best we can to deliver.

Please bear in mind, the more specific, the chance exists that the exact graphic may not be able to be found.  We will discuss with you in detail any alternatives available to try and meet all expectations and try our best to get the project where you will be happy with the result.

Can I supply graphics for my project?
Absolutely!  Your graphics are welcomed, as long as either you own them or they are royalty free to use.  We also ask that any graphics be at least 300 dpi.  Supplied graphics does not affect result in discounts to the cost of the project.

What if I already have a pre-existing project and I just need changes made?
No problem.  We can discuss any discounted work in updating or editing your pre-existing project.

How many revisions can I ask for during the creation of my project?
There are no limits to the amount of drafts/revisions you can receive while the project is being worked within the agreed upon time frame.  We certainly offer, at minimum, a first draft for all projects.  Any other drafts are either dictated by the type of project or by your request.  If you would like numerous drafts (also dependent upon the complexity of the project), please discuss this expectation at the time of booking the project. Once the project is completed; however, any additional drafts due to additional revisions are subject to additional costs.

After final payment and project delivery, what happens if I want changes?
Additional costs may apply to make alterations to a finalized project that has been approved and accepted.

What if I am not happy with the draft or the final project?
Don’t be shy.  This is your product and your money.  If it doesn’t look right or you need changes made, please express this as soon as possible.  We will make sure you get what you pay for in the end!

What if I want to cancel the project?
We ask that if you need to cancel a project, please give us notice two (2) weeks ahead of the agreed upon first draft delivery.  Cancellations will receive a refund any fees paid minus any nonrefundable deposits paid.


Does the paperback project include a back (tagline and blurb) and spine design?
All paperback projects include front, spine, and back.  Paperback projects where is there is only an image on the front cover, meaning the spine and back are a solid color, is at a different price than that of a wrap, where an image appears across the front, spine, and back cover.  Regardless of which paperback service you chose, text (Title, Author Name, Spine, blurb, tag line, etc.) is included in the quoted price.

What if I decide to make changes to text, trim size, and/or page count after I get the final file for a cover project?
Changes can arise, especially if you are working on the content while the cover is being developed.  We suggest that you have a pretty solid page count to avoid any alterations to a finished project. We can certainly plan a project to accommodate your publication timeline to avoid this issue. If there are changes to any text or page count (or anything else that would affect the finalized project), additional costs will apply ($15). For page count changes, $20; trim size change, $30 (for a finalized projects).

Why is the printed version slightly different in color from how it looks on my screen?
There will always be a difference between computer screen and print. Electronic devices typically go by the color schema RGB, while in printed materials use the color model CMYK.  What you see on the screen has a potential for printing either lighter or darker given the company you print with, the type of paper used, the style (matte vs. gloss), etc.  We suggest to always get a print proof first and we can assist in color management to combat the printing deviation by adjusting for you printing selections.  Please contact us for assistance if this occur.


What platforms will you use for promotion?

We have plans to promote via Facebook and Twitter.  We can promote on other platforms if desired, but this would be discussed at the time of booking a project.

What are your packages for Social Media promotion?

At this time, we do not have a finalized promotions plan.  We can customize one if needed, however, we suggest to check back with us and review our Services page for new promotions and discounts.

Will you use my project on your site for promotional purposes?

Yes.  We may use a graphic of your project on a promotions page or displayed as an example of past work on our site.  


Can I use any draft files received from Wordsmith Publishing before I pay in full for my project?
No.  Any files sent to you in the way of drafts are just that, drafts.  Watermarks or other protection notations will be present on files sent for review.  Once full payment is received and files are completed, you can promote the files as you please.  We can create sneak peeks or teasers, such as cover reveals, but this must be discussed at the time of booking the project (additional costs may apply).

Do I own all the rights to the graphics used in a project?  
At this time, we intend to use DepositPhotos for our acquisition of graphics and images for our projects. Once full payment has been made for a project and it is approved and accepted by you, it is yours to use under the DepositPhotos Standard License terms of use. You may want to familiarize yourself with their licensing terms by visiting their site. The key items to note are as follows:

– A Standard License covers use of the images for up to 500,000 paperbacks and unlimited eBooks, promo files, and the creation of SWAG items (free giveaways). It is important to note that if you exceed sales of 500,000 books, the author will need to purchase an Extended License for each photo filling a major role on the cover.

– If you plan to create items to sell using the project we created for you (mugs, t-shirts etc.), an Extended License must be purchased (by you via DepositPhotos) for each photo/graphic used.

What if I want to design my own banner that incorporates the project designed by Wordsmith Publishing?  
You are free to do so and it would not violate any ownership or copyright laws.  You can use our book covers to create your own banners, or you can place our produced project on any other banner (designed by you or somebody else) as long as you don’t say, or give the impression, that somebody else designed the Wordsmith Publishing project being used.


Is it possible to get an editable PSD (Photoshop) file of my project?
All projects are delivered in a graphical format to be used as you need (jpg, psd, pdf, etc.) These are typically finalized and are not editable. You can request the raw PSD file where both TEXT and ART layers are editable.  The price is $499 per file.

Is there a discount for returning customers or working on a (book) series?
A 10% discount of the total cost is given if three (3) or more projects are purchased at the same time.   This discount applies only if you order 3 or more projects and pay the deposit at the same time for the entire order (all three [or more] projects).

Any projects purchased during a sale or other promotion are not able to apply this discount.

How can I pay for my project(s)?
We accept payment both through PayPal as well as credit card or bank draft.  Credit Card payments and bank drafts usually take three (3) business days to clear.  Please be aware that we cannot guarantee a time slot or begin work until the deposit has cleared. Payment method will be agreed upon at the time a project is established.


How do I credit Wordsmith Publishing, LLC for the service and where?
Crediting WORDSMITH PUBLISHING, LLC on your book copyright page is mandatory. Please include “Cover design by Wordsmith Publishing, LLC”.

In an eBook please include link to our website: www.wordsmithpublishingllc.com.

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