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  • Buy Author Swag Here

    Interested in buying some author swag? Check out this site for shirts, hoodies, and bags: https://wordsmith-pub-author-swag.creator-spring.com. Hits: 23

  • Pre-order is live!

    The ebook pre-order for Sydney Shaw’s debut book is out! Just as Hope finally felt safe and secure in her new world, she is reminded the past is never too far behind. Does she get the chance to be swept up in a steamy, small-town romance, or does her past catch up to her after […]

  • The Watcher Anthology Submission Form

    Ever feel that you’re not alone? You think you’ve seen something just out of the corner of your eye, only to realize there is nothing there? Or is there? Wordsmith Publishing, LLC (WSP) is producing another anthology, entitled The Watcher. This collection is not just tales about that feeling you get from being watched. Oh […]

  • Sydney Shaw June 2022 Debut

    Sydney Shaw’s steamy romance will debut at the Space Coast Book Lovers convention in June of 2022. This will be an exclusive release there, with a wide release on July 15. Look for updates here as well as on her site: www.iamsydneyshaw.com. Hits: 40

  • Pre-Made Covers for Sale

    Pre-made covers for Paperbacks and eBooks are now on sale. Visit the Pre-Made Covers page to view the current selection and package options. Hits: 8

  • Editing Services

    Wordsmith Publishing, LLC will be offering editing services. Please check out our Services page for more information regarding Editing, Formatting, Cover creation, and more. Visit our Project Questionnaire to begin a new project with us! Hits: 357

  • Graphic and Marketing Services

    Wordsmith Publishing will be offering graphics and marketing assistance to independent authors. Check the Services page for the graphics and marketing opportunities offered. Visit our Project Questionnaire to begin a project with us! Hits: 356

  • A little info about Wordsmith Publishing

    While this site is a bit bare bones now, there are a lot of plans in the works for Wordsmith Publishing. Let me give you a bit of background to the publishing house. Wordsmith Publishing is based out of Orlando, Florida. At the time of this post, we are preparing for Hurricane Dorian, which could […]

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