Wordsmith Publishing, LLC Announcements A little info about Wordsmith Publishing

A little info about Wordsmith Publishing

While this site is a bit bare bones now, there are a lot of plans in the works for Wordsmith Publishing. Let me give you a bit of background to the publishing house. Wordsmith Publishing is based out of Orlando, Florida. At the time of this post, we are preparing for Hurricane Dorian, which could explain the lack of content on the site. We’ve been prepping for some nasty weather our way.

Wordsmith Publishing is created by an indie author for indie authors. More services will be added as time moves on and will be promoted here on the site as they come available. Future incarnations of the site plan to have an author’s spotlight page for those who work with the publishing house. The plan is to offer various services and promotional opportunities to help out other indie authors.

Keep checking back as the site gets built up and more opportunities open up.

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